Quilt-As-You-Go Made Modern – Strip Quilt with Lace tutorial!

I know a lot of you have been waiting for this quilt-as-you-go tutorial, so here you go! You can find a video tutorial below which I had the privilege of filming at The Fat Quarter Shop with Kimberly and their wonderful team.

First, a little about my Quilt As-You-Go joining techniques as I’ve been getting lots of questions…

The quilt in this video tutorial is from the “Solstice Quilt” pattern from my first book, Quilt As-You-Go Made Modern. The main difference (other than the fabric) is in this video I show you how to add lace embellishments to the quilt. My first book has two quilt as-you-go joining techniques, and in this free video tutorial I explain how to use 1 of the 2 techniques.

My first book 🙂

My second book, Quilt As-You-Go Made Vintage,  which comes out later this month (September 2017) has a 3rd and all new joining technique which renders a reversible quilt! You can read more about that in THIS post.

My 2nd book, which comes out later this month!

I pack a ton of helpful tips and tid bits into my books that are in an easy-to-read format, so be sure to check them out 🙂

The lace I used in my video tutorial are from my La Conner lace collection for Lecien fabrics, which can be found at The Fat Quarter Shop, along with all my fabrics and thread. Click here to see it all!

La Conner lace comes in 5 different colors, including: vanilla, peony, sage, blueberry and cranberry.

For this tutorial I used vanilla lace. And of course the fabrics are from my 2nd fabric collection for Lecien, called La Conner.

All right, here is the free video tutorial! I was way too nervous during this filming as it was my first tutorial I did while I was on site.  However,  everything you need to know to make this quilt came across clearly, which is all that matters! x-) I was a lot less nervous by the time I filmed my La Conner tote bag tutorial .

I worked really hard on this one (literally, I worked up a sweat during the filming process, lol!), so I hope you get inspired to try QAYG, or that it sparks some creativity. 🙂

With that, i’ll leave you with a couple more photos of this beautiful quilt! 🙂 The lace really adds so much charm!

Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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Happy September!


I hope you’ve all had a wonderful Summer! It’s hard to believe this season is dwindling to an end already. My eldest son starts kindergarten in a few weeks, and I find myself ready for Autumn (my favorite season!), looking online for Fall boots already ;-p

This is a short and sweet post to let you know that I’ve had the amazing opportunity to  curate September’s Quilty Box! That means that this month’s Quilty Box will be full of my fabric, including an exclusive pattern and other fun and cute sewing notions all picked by me!

If you’d like a box or want to send one as a gift, you can order them HERE. Use code INTHERAIN12 to receive $12 off your first box this month!

If you haven’t heard of Quilty Box yet, you can read more about it in this post.

Also, here’s a sneaky peek of something i’ve had in the works these last few months…La Conner embroidery scissors! 🙂 More about these coming soon…

Lastly, watch out for my next post as i’ll be sharing a video tutorial on this Quilt As-You-Go Strip lace quilt!

🙂 Happy weekend! And for those of you in the US, happy labor day weekend!

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La Conner Tote Bag Tutorial

Hello! I have been so excited to share this La Conner tote bag tutorial with you all! This bag is easier to make than it looks! If you’re like me, bag patterns can leave me feeling a bit overwhelmed. My goal for this video tutorial was to to show you that tote bags are actually quite simple and fun to make!

Heads up…the La Conner tote bag video tutorial can be found at the bottom of this post. I had the wonderful opportunity to film this tutorial, among a handful of other wonderful projects (including a quilt as-you-go tutorial!), at Fat Quarter Shop’s studio back in June.  I was super-duper nervous during the filming process. However, it was so worth it as filming this tutorial really makes this project crystal clear…something that a photo tutorial couldn’t quite capture without feeling overwhelming.

Per usual, I like to share a zillion pictures before I get to it. 🙂

The fabrics used are from my 2nd fabric collection called La Conner for Lecien Fabrics. You can find my fabric, lace and thread at Fat Quarter Shop, inlcuding a list of other shops HERE.

I’ve been using this tote bag all Summer long – it’s the perfect on-the-go tote. It has seriously become the black hole of kid snacks, sun block and a change of diapers and wipeys, all hidden and neatly toted around in this cute and dainty bag. ;-p

I did simple, straight-line quilting which always seems to be my go-to quilting style.


If you want to make a quicker version of this bag, just ditch the patchwork and use a full panel of fabric instead as shown below. Here I went out of my comfort zone and did some free-motion stippling. 🙂

In the video tutorial I also go over how to make sturdy, fabric-covered straps.


I truly hope you enjoy the tutorial and that you’re able to make a tote bag for yourself! 🙂 A big thank you to Fat Quarter Shop for inviting me out to film some tutorials for them. My intentions for this blog have always been to inspire you to create beautiful things, and this beautifully put together video tutorial completely enables that!

Really quick – I got a good question from a comment below so I thought i’d clarify it here. The type of bag strapping I used in this tutorial (before I covered it with fabric), is polypro bag strapping which you can usually find per the yard at your crafts store. You can also find it here. You could probably also use the soft and stable batting for the straps as well, though I’ve never tried it. Easily customize the width of your strap, as explained in the tutorial. Thanks!

As always, thanks for popping by!


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My mom made this! Also, THANK YOU <3

I’m the first and only quilter in my family, so whenever my mom sews I get pretty excited! Had to share this hexagon pouf that she made using fabrics from my La Conner collection. =) Isn’t it great?!

This hexagon pouf pattern is by Angel Lea Designs and can be found HERE. My mom doesn’t sew very frequently, so if she can do it then you can to!

As a side note, my La Conner fabrics are FINALLY starting to show up in shops now, so be sure to check your local quilt shop or your favorite online shop for my latest collection.

My boys have gotten so much use out of this pouf. We had to keep stuffing it with more fluff because they use it so much.

I was being sneaky and captured these photos of Ethan on the pouf while watching Ninjago. Must be a pretty hilarious show! 😉

It means so much to me having my mom sew with my fabrics. <3 I remember going to JoAnn fabrics with her when I was little so we could pick out fabrics for new pajamas or holiday-themed  table cloths. I use to love playing with her sewing notions and going through all the stuff in her sewing bag.

Lots of quilts in our living room! The two pictured here are from my upcoming book, Quilt As-You-Go Made Vintage which comes out this October. You can pre-order it HERE. Both quilts were made using the QAYG technique. The one that my son is snuggled up in was assembled and quilted by my talented instagram friend, Faith Essenburg of Sarana Ave blog.

The quilt hanging on the wall was made using true vintage quilt blocks. I found these 1930’s quilt blocks on eBay and very carefully assembled them using QAYG, which helped to stabilize them. I will tell you how to do this in my 2nd book.  I’ll post more about this quilt on a separate blog post. 🙂

Lastly, I wanted to end this post with a big, warm THANK YOU to all that played a part in my leukemia quilt auction for Ellia post. This quilt was sent to Mary for her generous contribution. Words really can’t describe my gratitude and the amount of love I felt from all of you in that post. Thanks for sharing, commenting, bidding, reading. $550 was raised to go towards Ellia’s leukemia expenses.  A big thank you on behalf of Ellia’s family as well.

I threw in a few extra goodies for Mary. I hope she loves everything!

Thanks for stopping by and reading me. 🙂 Enjoy the Summer! It’s supposed to get up to 95 today….i think i’m gonna melt.




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Woven Jelly Roll Rug Tutorial

I was cleaning out my sewing room and came across this awesome woven jelly roll rug that I made 6 years ago as a tutorial for Moda Bakeshop. When I went to look up the tutorial on my blog, I realized that it was missing from my tutorial section as it never made it over when I switched from blogspot to WordPress. Anyway, I am fixing that issue right now with this post! =)

And if you’re wondering why it’s a “woven” quilt…well, see for yourself!

Being that I made this tutorial 6 years ago, I never took proper photos of this quilt/rug…Quig? 😉 So here is the quig in all it’s glory!

You can find my Woven Jelly Roll Rug tutorial right HERE.

This was Paige-approved 6 years ago, and still is today! ;-p

I have to admit that finding this rug was inspiring. It reminded of a time when I was newer to quilting and wasn’t afraid to take risks when it came to being creative. If you’ve ever looked through any of my old moda bakeshop posts (that’s where I got started with quilting!), I have some pretty wacky/creative tutorials!

I guess you have to take risks when being creative, else you’re not really doing anything new.

If you can’t bear the thought of stepping on this quilt, this pattern would make for a lovely pillow sham as well. You could also go bigger and make a quilt or heavy blanket out of it.

The beautiful fabric used here is Wild Rose by Blackbird Designs. If this collection ever went back into print, I would gobble it up.

This project is an oldie, but a goodie at that! I could only hope that if you haven’t seen it yet, perhaps it will help spark some creativity for you.

Hope you’re all having a wonderful Summer! I’ll be hogging the wading pool with my kids tomorrow….it’s supposed to get up to 90 this week which is sweltering hot for this Seattle-girl. 😉


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