Hello Summer!

I hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July weekend! I’ve found myself up early before both kids, so I thought i’d see how far I could get with this post before the kraken awakens. 😉 But mostly, I wanted to greet you with these beautiful tulips made using fabrics from my second collection, La Conner (available in stores this August!).

These lovely tulips were made by the talented Viktoriia of Color View on Etsy. She was so pleasant to work with and she made them so quickly. I simply sent her my fabric and she made this gorgeous bundle. Be sure to pick up a bundle for yourself – they never wilt! 😉

These tulips were perfect with my La Conner collection, which was inspired by the town of La Conner, Washington – located 1 hour north of Seattle. La Conner is known for their endless fields of tulips in the Spring season. I captured these two photos below in May when visiting.

Tulip land!

These tulips made a lovely bunch to display at my Spring quilt market booth. They also made the sweetest little thank you’s for my quilty friends that helped prepare La Conner quilts for my market booth.

On a different note, per usual I’ve been quiet on the blog lately. Here’s a bit of what I’ve been up to…

🙂 Let’s just say this was a totally new experience for me! A few weeks ago I was in Texas filming at Fat Quarter Shop. I was there for two days and we filmed non-stop tutorials for you all! I’m both nervous and excited to share these tutorials with you all. Nervous because i’m dreading seeing myself on camera, oy.  But honestly, video tutorials are the most efficient way to explain technique style projects, such as quilt-as-you-go, which I will be sharing with you all!

Be on the lookout for my videos which will eventually appear here and on my blog as well. I will of course let you know when they are ready. Should be within a week or so! Here’s a sneak peak of one of the QAYG projects that we filmed..

Other than my quilty stuff which is keeping my very busy, i’ve had my hands full with these two peanuts! Summer is in full swing at the Brandvig house!

This guy starts kindergarten this September…time slow down!

We’ve been picking blueberries and raspberries from our yard. I cannot thank the lovely woman who lived in our house before us enough, for planting beautiful blueberry bushes along our backyard fence. Thank you, Bonnie. My boys and I have gotten so much joy (and happy tummies) from these blueberry bushes.

Happy tummies indeed! I used this delicious and simple Contest Winning Blueberry Pie recipe. I completely recommend it, and we’ll be making another pie this week as the blueberries keep on coming.

Such a happy site!

Since I’ve somehow started blogging about baking (which was my love before quilting!), I might as well share these lemon bars I made the other day for my husband’s birthday. The recipe uses only 5 ingredients and can be found here.  We make them every year. Sooo yummy.

My husband lost his birthday 2 years ago when Simon decided to pop into this world 30 minutes into July 3rd, sharing his birthday. 😉 So a construction site cake for Si, and lemon bars for Dad.

I’ve been a busy mama!

Anyway, i’m feeling triumphant for finishing this blog post before the kids are totally up (I can here their faint awakening cries upstairs now, lol). That being said, I will leave you with this beautiful tulip bundle.  Excited to share more with you next time, and as always, thanks for stopping by! Bye-bye!!!

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La Conner Stars – Free Pattern!

Hello! As promised, below is a free printer-friendly La Conner Stars quilt pattern I made just for you! It is a classic star quilt block that is easy to make and creates a beautiful and timeless quilt.

A quick message to shop owners: Simply print La Conner Stars pattern in color, fold it up and give away, sell, or make quilt kits using my new fabric collection, La Conner for Lecien Fabrics. 🙂 Please, please feel free to share any of my La Conner photos on your website or social media to help promote, because I know it can be a challenge taking fabric photos. You can find La Conner fabric photos here.

Or if you happened to pop by my blog, this pattern is my gift to you – I hope it sparks some inspiration to get started on a quilt! 🙂

This quilt uses all 36 prints from my new fabric collection, La Conner. La Conner will be available in stores August 2017!

And in case you were wondering…La Conner Stars is Paige approved! (Paige is the nugget under the quilt). Because I know you were dying to know… ;-p

Simply click the image below for a free instant download of La Conner Stars pattern:

And now, for some pretty photos quilt photos!   

I hope you all like strawberries, ’cause…

I have a thing for strawberries, so don’t be surprised if you see strawberries reappearing in my fabrics . 🙂

I even asked to have strawberries quilted on my quilt. Do you see them?!

The mini floral print in the cranberry color way made for beautiful binding!

Also, love the hints of gold shimmer in the fabrics. It’s really hard to tell from pictures, so I hope you get a chance to see and touch the fabric in person. I had so much fun designing textiles using metallic! I plan to do more of that for future collections.

Here’s the little boy behind the quilt… 🙂 My Simon..he turns two this July. Soon he’ll be tall enough to hold up my quilts for photos.

And here’s the man behind my quilts! Thank you Ben for constantly holding up quilts for me in random, public places.

We live in the city, so cute country-side barn backgrounds are hard to find for quilt photographs. So usually we end up in our backyard alley taking quilt photos behind our neighbors sheds ;-p

As always, thanks for stopping by! I hope you enjoy the pattern. Be sure to share with me on social media if you make it. 🙂

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Spring Quilt Market

Whew! Last week I returned from quilt market 2017 in St. Louis, Missouri. I was working on projects non-stop leading up to it, and then it was of course a whirlwind of a time when I got there. I realized that last Spring I never got a chance to share my quilt market experience, so I made it a point to make this blog post. 🙂 For those that aren’t sure what quilt market is – it’s basically a big trade show for everything quilt/fabric/sewing related. Quilt market is held twice a year, in Spring and Fall.

Though I was only at market for 2 nights/3 days, I had a wonderful time! The first evening I helped the Lecien team finish setting up our booth, the next day I was there for a school house presentation and sample spree, and the last day I was there for day 1 of quilt market exhibits, but only until 3 pm as I had to catch a flight home. Like I said – it went by too quick!

Unfortunately, since I was only there for a partial day on the official opening day of market, I didn’t have time to roam around and visit other booths like I normally do. That being said, the majority of these photos are to share the beautiful projects in our booth and what photos I did manage to capture. 🙂

As you may know from my last post, I was at market debuting my second collection for Lecien Fabrics called La Conner. Please visit that post for a closer look at the fabrics, as there’s a bit of sparkle to them! I really had fun designing with metallic gold and silver.

On my way to St. Louis I found this little surprise hidden in my suitcase from my 5 yr old son. <3

Day 1: I left my home in Seattle at 3 am, and finally arrived at the convention center in St. Louis by 4 pm. It was a long day of traveling!

As soon as I arrived, it was booth set up time! The wonderful Lecien team, most of whom traveled all the way from Japan,  had been setting up since the day before.

Here’s a glimpse of a before photo…

And here’s an After photo.  I apologize on behalf of all indoor convention center’s terrible lighting. 🙁

This was the calm before the storm.   I tried to capture as many pictures as I could before things got busy.

La Conner collection comes with coordinating lace and thread – so many fun notions!

I finished this Christmas-themed pillow literally one day before leaving for market. The evergreen and cranberry colorways combined are perfect for the holidays. I made this via quilt as-you-go.

Another pillow I finished last minute. This one has more of a Summer feel to it. I was very thoughtful when choosing the colors for La Conner collection as I wanted it to be a collection that can work for shops year round.

You’ll notice the two pillows above had lace incorporated. I used La Conner lace, made to match my collection. Two beautiful sets, one in the cranberry/blueberry/vanilla color way, and the other in the peony/sage/vanilla color way.

Here’s another angle of our booth. 🙂

Aren’t these dresses darling?! These photos don’t do them justice, so i’ll have to make a dedicated post later. They are made by Natasha of Ellie’s Handmade – she is seriously one talented seamstress! She makes this tired mama of 2 boys (that being me 😉 want to have a baby girl, for the sole purpose of wearing one of these darling dresses! :-p haha!

Our pillow game was strong at market. The patchwork pillow on the bottom left was made by Allison Jensen of Woodberry Way. My only regret is that I didn’t capture a photo of the other side of her pillow, which was a beautiful aqua star with hand stitching all around it. I admit to  being OCD and rotating the pillow throughout the day during market, as I couldn’t decide which side I liked best.

Below is the Spring Lecien catalog, which you can actually view online here. My La Conner collection made cover girl 😉

This really isn’t a great photo, but inside the catalog you can read about my inspiration for the collection.

By the way, the quilt below is called La Conner Stars. I will be providing a free pattern for it in a few weeks! I’m just waiting to get the quilt back from market so I can photograph it in better lighting for you all.

Again, lighting isn’t great so bear with me…

I am so thankful to have gotten so much help from talented friends I’ve met through Instagram. It truly takes a village to gather enough projects to fill a booth. With my first collection, I didn’t reach out for help as much as I should have and learned the hard way. This year I made an effort to step outside of my comfort zone and ask for help, and well, just see for yourself…!

The Cozy Cabins quilt below was made by my friend Faith Essenburg of Sarana Ave. Faith is a rock star mom of three beautiful kids and does such beautiful work. Faith also made a quilt for my 2nd book which will be released this Fall. This Cozy Cabins quilt is a pattern I made that will be available for free very shortly (yippee!), so please stay tuned.  I also included a free mini version of this quilt in the pattern.

Below is my Tiny Tulips quilt, made by my talented friend Kristin Esser, co-author of the popular book, Sew Illustrated. Kristin participated in my blog tour for my first collection, High Tea, and made such beautiful projects that I couldn’t resist asking if she’d be willing to make something for my booth. Lucky for me, she said yes. 🙂

This next project was made by the lovely Renee of Sewn With Grace. Be sure to check out her blog to see all the beautiful quilts she makes. I couldn’t resist and am going a bit off track here, but you just have to see the quilt she made using my first collection – you can sneak a peek here.

These cute, whimsical pillows were made by Lecien. About mid-way through market I realized the pattern was from my first book, Quilt As-You-Go Made Modern! I love the added La Conner lace.

This cute mini quilt, which showcases all 36 La Conner prints, was made by Ange of A Little Patchwork, all the way from Australia! Ange has such a sweet and warm personality, she is such a pleasure to work with. The pattern is from Jemima Flendt’s new book, Weekend Quilting.

In addition to the cute pillow sham aforementioned,  Allison of Woodberry Way also made this perfectly adorable mini quilt. This is the Sweet Marie Mini quilt pattern which you can purchase here. In addition to being a mama-boss of 3 boys, Alli is the boss at making beautiful and well-written patterns, so be sure to look at her pattern shop. I aspire to make patterns as beautiful as hers!

I seriously can’t thank these ladies enough for all of their help in making our booth beautiful with their quilts.

Below is my little quilt as-you-go corner. On the left is my 2nd book,  to be released this Fall. The lace strip quilt on the right was made via QAYG techniques.

Here’s a better photo of it. It’s so much fun incorporating lace in quilting! A video tutorial is coming soon for this one as well…can’t wait to share more, as I’ve been a busy bee preparing so much for you all!

And here I am, looking a bit tired, holding my La Conner swatches 🙂

And last but definitely not least, is team Lecien! This photo  doesn’t include all the amazing in-house designers from Japan that have created the well known Lecien collections such as Flower Sugar, Rococo and Sweet…the original collections that made fall in love with Lecien to begin with.

Jet-lagged from the Japan time difference, and tired from traveling and booth setup, here we are cheers-ing to quilt market! Truly a good bunch of people, and I am proud to work alongside our tight knit group.

It was a lovely and warm evening in St. Louis!

Okay…so that was a recap of Day 1.


Onward to Day 2!

On Day 2 I had the opportunity to do a school house presentation to all of these lovely people.  Here I am trying not to forget to say anything important, as our time was limited and rushed.

That evening was sample spree…! Sample spree is basically a mad rush for people to buy fabrics early for their shops, as all of these fabrics are not available until 2 or 3 months out.

Here’s some eye candy for all you fabric lovers 😉

And here I am holding my (fabric) babies for the first time. I am happy to say that La Conner sold out at sample spree!


Sample spree ended at 9:30 pm, followed by a late dinner with team Lecien.

I Skyped with my family that night (ignore the post-shower towel on my head) x-p

They were missing me…

…especially my Ethan… 🙁

This photo breaks my heart, but I decided to share it as a way to look back at this time of my life. It’s my reality. <3

Day 3 of my trip to market was the official opening day of Quilt Market’s exhibits, in other words, all the booths were now open…including Lecien’s! I had to leave by 3pm to catch my flight home, so the short time I was there it went by like a whirlwind as you can imagine! It was a wonderful whirlwind, though! A sincere thank you from me and the Lecien team to all that stopped by to say hello! And sorry for anyone that I missed!

On a different note, I wanted to quickly share that I donated the following gifts to the town of La Conner. This is the town of La Conner that inspired my whole collection! These donations go towards an auction to help keep their flower baskets alongside their sidewalks looking beautiful.

I also donated a signed copy of my first book, and my Tiny Tulips mini quilt.

Also, after sharing that super sad Skype photo, I had to end this post with some happy, bright-smiling faces. This was the day after my return from quilt market. 🙂

No more frowns for my sweet, big-hearted Ethan <3

Thank you so much for stopping by so I could share La Conner with you, as well as my fast and furious quilt market experience.

I had a great time at market and I am so thankful for the wonderful Lecien team I work with, all the talented makers that played a huge role in making our booth beautiful, and for this opportunity to meet some of you in person and share La Conner Collection with you all.

Earlier I was having one of those days where I felt like I couldn’t get anything done. It’s past 1 am here already, but am happy to have posted this! There’s always SO much I want to share, but at this point of my life it’s a challenge finding time. That being said, thanks again for reading me! I hope you have a wonderful memorial day weekend ahead! 🙂

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Meet La Conner, my 2nd collection!

Note: If you are a shop owner, you are more than welcome to use any of these photos on your website or social media to help promote La Conner. 🙂 Thank you in advance!

I am so excited to finally be sharing with you all my second collection for Lecien Fabrics, called La Conner! As you can imagine, it was super busy last year working on this and my 2nd book. It feels wonderful finally getting to enjoy the benefits of all those late nights and hard work! I’ve dedicated this post to sharing photos of the fabric. So warning: this is a fabric-photo-heavy post! 😉

But first, a little bit about my collection:

Ever since I was a little girl it’s been an annual tradition to escape the city of Seattle and drive one hour north to La Conner, Washington. While La Conner is known for their breathtakingly endless fields of flowers, my fond memories are drawn from the charming town that is also home to a historic quilt museum and the local u-pick strawberry farms in the valley. I long for the peaceful serenity one gets from exploring the fields of flowers on a rainy and quiet, off-season day. I hope my collection will bring forth some of the charm and serenity that I’ve found and hold dear in La Conner, Washington.

This is a photo of La Conner’s Quilt and textile museum, with my quilts (from my 2nd book) draped on the fence.

I took the above photo a few weeks ago, on a rainy and quiet day in La Conner, WA.

As promised, here are more photos of the fabric which I must say was a complete challenge! trying to photograph since we’ve pretty much had non-stop rain and gray skies here in Seattle. So I apologize if the photos look a little dark. I pretty much was huddled in the brightest spot of my dining room, photographing my fabric next to our window.

I may be a bit biased 😉 but the fabric is much more stunning in person. That being because the fabric shimmers! Can you see it? It’s a bit hard to tell from a photo, but some of the prints (like the leaves on the mini florals) have a hint of metallic gold or metallic silver, creating a lovely shimmer.

The colorways I went with and had fun naming are: cranberry (reds), peony (pinks), sage (light green), evergreen (darker green), blueberry (dark blue),  wicker (brown) and rain (aqua). Can you tell I was going with a garden theme? 😉

Here’s the whole collection, all 36 prints. La Conner is debuting at Spring Quilt Market this May at Lecien Fabrics booth. I will be there as well, so please stop by and say hello! I believe I will also be doing a school house presentation to show off some of the projects and talk La Conner.

Oh! And before anyone from Washington asks me…no, there are no tulip prints in the collection, despite the name. LOL, *sigh*.  Yes, I regret not putting a tulip print. but at the time when I was designing the fabric (months ago during the Winter), I was more inspired by the charming little town of La Conner and my childhood memories visiting there, rather than their fields of tulips.

La Conner collection is great for both Winter and Summer. The deeper green, blues, wicker (brown) and cranberry could totally work for a Christmas project. While the aqua, sage and pinks are lovely for Summer. The red and blue are classic colors that work for summertime as well.



You can see some of the gold and silver metallic shimmer in the photos below.

The strawberry patches print above was inspired from the U-pick strawberry patches in the valley by La Conner.

Here’s a fun market project I have planned for La Conner. Pattern coming soon! I have some mini quilts coming as well.


If I had to choose my fave colorway in the collection, I’d have to say these greens (evergreen and sage)…

…With these blues not too far behind! (blueberry and rain).

As always, thank you so much for reading me and following my quilty endeavors! Time to get sewing!















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Meet my 2nd book, Quilt-As-You-Go Made Vintage

Two big boxes of quilts from my second book arrived on my doorstep last week. It felt like it was just yesterday when my husband and I ceremonially shipped them off, checking off that milestone with happy hearts.  Followed by quiet (and tired), ice cream celebration with the kids. 🙂

I am so happy to be sharing my second quilt as-you-go book with you all! Quilt As-You-Go Made Vintage is a follow up to my first book, Quilt As-You-Go Made Modern.

By now I’m sure I sound like a broken record, but this book would not have been possible if not for all of YOU! So a big, warm thank you from my family to yours for all of your support. Also, a loving thank you to my husband, Ben. Thank you for keeping me sane, helping me make time for this book (you can read more on how we did that here), and being there for me through the late nights and rough patches.

Without further ado, I am beyond pleased to introduce you to my second book!  In this post I will share what Quilt As-You-Go Made Vintage all about and how it’s different from the first. I will also share lots of photos of 1 of 9 project quilts in this book. I will continue to share more quilts from my book as the official release date (September 2017) approaches.

On a different (and exciting!) note, I just found out a couple days ago that you can pre-order Quilt As-You-Go Made Vintage on Amazon already!

The quilt that I’m sharing today is called the High Tea Sampler quilt.  It was made using 48 of the 51 block patterns, all found in my book. Fabrics used are from my first fabric collection, called High Tea for Lecien Fabrics. This quilt was assembled using an all new quilt as-you-go joining technique that was not previously shown in my first book. This joining technique essentially creates a reversible quilt. In a nutshell, you quilt the blocks (which measure 12″ squares finished), and then assemble them using joining strips on the front and back of the quilt.

This photo shows a glimpse of the front and back of the quilt.

This quilt measures 75″ x 100″ – it’s big! But since you’re quilting 12″ blocks individually, it makes it more manageable to finish a big quilt on your own as you’re not having to run an entire quilt through your machine. Instead, you’re working with 12″ blocks.

My husband and I read each and every one of the 300+ reviews on Amazon for my first book, and we listened! (By the way, thank you to all who took the time to leave a helpful and thoughtful review!). I think this all new joining method is what people were looking for, and so here you have it! 🙂 Ta-dah! 😉

In the years since Quilt As-You-Go Made Modern released, I’ve become more and more obsessed with classic quilt blocks and vintage quilt patterns. The elegant simplicity of the patterns and delicate details give the quilts a timeless, romantic quality. Since this obsession began, I’ve been working to apply my love of the quilt as-you-go technique to classic quilt designs. The blocks in my book are all pretty simple, but timeless quilt blocks. Hence, the follow up name of my second book, Quilt As-You-Go Made Vintage. So while my first book had more modern style quilts, this book has a more traditional feel to it.

However, with 9 projects and 51 sampler block patterns to choose from, there is still lots of room for creativity!

My goals were to keep the technique simple, keep the creative flexibility intact, but open the door to making any block using the quilt as-you-go method. I also wanted to provide a technique to complete a project without putting the assembled quilt through your sewing machine.

This book is the culmination of that work. With this book I will show that quilt as-you-go can be used to achieve a traditional and classic style of quilt while still allowing your creativity to show through. In fact, the methods in this book could apply to any block pattern – even those not specifically designed for quilt as-you-go. And as mentioned above, this book introduces a new Quilt-As-you-Go joining technique that doesn’t require the assembled quilt to be put through a machine – not even to attach the backing. And as an added bonus, the new technique results in a beautiful, reversible quilt!

This book has 50 different quilt block patterns that measure 12” x 12” finished, as well as 3 different quilt as-you-go finishing techniques to choose from. To give you even more options, you can choose to use the quilt as-you-go finishing techniques or not, as the block patterns can be used to make traditionally finished quilts too. The choice of how to finish your quilt is all yours!

In this book I also have a chapter called ‘Quilts for Thought’ to help get your creative juices flowing. My intention for that chapter was to inspire you to create a quilt.

I also have a chapter dedicated to choosing fabrics for your quilt. I touch a bit on FMQ as well. Though the patterns in this book are more traditional as compared to my first book, I really strived to make this book a creative (and fun!)  experience.

Anyway, I hate to end this post as I could go on and on talking about this book. But, I have a 5 year old that I need to pick-up from preschool. 😉

Thanks so much for stopping by, and I plan to keep sharing more project quilts from my book with you all! Also, stay tuned for my second fabric collection debut. Fun stuff ahead!

Warm hugs! And happy Spring!






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