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Custom Made Quilt Labels

Hi All! I had some people asking where I got my quilt labels made, so I wanted to share this information. I ordered mine from Jennifer’s Jewels on Etsy and have been really satisfied with how they turned out. I ordered the ’60 Custom Printed Fabric Labels’ size 1.5″ square and submitted my own logo -it only costs $20, well worth it! If you don’t have your own logo, they have lots of really cute designs to choose from. I ordered sew-in labels, however you can get iron on ones as well. They’re great because they don’t fray – I totally recommend Jennifer’s Jewel’s!
Another place that I found just now and looks pretty cool is AmandasVioloncelle – you can get 80 custom labels for only 18 bucks – the designs are pretty cute too. A custom quilt label is the perfect finishing touch to a quilt – it’s like the cherry on top of an ice cream sunday. Have fun and order some! 🙂

p.s. last year I actually did a post on these labels – feel free to check it out here – there’s some cute bonus pictures of my Corgi’s in that post too 😉

Happy Quilting!

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